Aircraft refueling

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Filters and Filter/Water separators according EI for aircraft refueling purposes

FilterwaterseparatorDue to the demanding operating conditions and the severe consequences of failure of equipment, the requirements for aviation fuel treatment are more stringent than the requirements for any other fuel treatment. Not only the presence of solids, but also the presence of water can result in expensive repairs and ultimately plane crashes.

The worldwide awareness of the specific requirements for the treatment of aircraft fuels have resulted in detailed specifications for fuel systems, filters, filter water separators, monitors and auxiliary equipment. The specifications are developed and maintained by the Energy Institute (EI) and the Institute of Petroleum (IP) and followed around the world.

Before supplying equipment for the treatment of aviation fuel extensive full scale and single element, tests must be performed and witnessed on similar equipment to proof the quality of the equipment and the fulfillment of the requirements. After passing the tests the parameters can be used to calculate and construct the equipment for field use.

In close cooperation with Faudi Aviation GmbH in Germany, Hydro-Carbon Filtration & Separation B.V. offers spare parts and licensed equipment such as filters (according EI 1590) and filter water separators (according EI 1581) for both civil and military aviation applications.

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