Helicopter refueling unit 200 ltr/min Hatz Diesel engine driven

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Two pieces Refueling system with a Flow rate of 200 l/min. HATZ Diesel motor driven.

aircraft refuelling set for mobile applications

aircraft / helicopter refuelling

The units mainly consist of:

  • One FAUDI AVIATION Filter/Water Separator type FW9-S-1/467-10 including diff. pressure gauge.
  • One Pump unit with HATZ diesel engine;~ 3,0 KW Pressure 3 bar;
  • One Pump protector filter
  • One Hand pump in the by-pass
  • One delivery counter make Liquid Controls
  • One Spring loaded hose reel with refuel-ling hose HD32 of 25 m with nozzle ZVA32 (including bonding cable EKG 1200)

The whole unit is fitted on a base plate for mounting wherever required.
Dimensions: 2200x1400x1420 mm / Weight: approx. 550 kg

System suitable for remote areas. Connecting with camlok coupling direct to a bladder or JET A1 tanker truck.

About Andy Hein

Andy Hein is one of the founders of Hydro-Carbon BV
Posted March 13, 2015 in News, onhomepage.

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