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Welcome to the website of the Hydro-Carbon Group. For over 15 years Hydro-Carbon is active in the field of filtration and separation solutions to improve fuels, wastewater quality and for process upgrading.

With our team of skilled engineers we design custom-made filtration and separation solutions for the downstream refining and petrochemical industry, power plants, transportation sector and for your specific application.

Pressure vessels and complete skid based systems are built according design codes as for instance the ASME code and AD-2000 with PED certification and of course to your specific requirements and specifications.

We can provide solid answers and solutions on for instance:

We welcome your question related to our specific expertise.

How can we be of service to you? Send us an email or call us 24/7 on +31 527 690811.

In the menu you will find specific information and facet on the several processes, techniques and equipment we produce for customers worldwide.

Degassers are devices for the removal of air and gas from process streams. The Horizontal Degassers from the series GST are equipped with a pre-separation area for the removal of limited size slugs of air/gas, followed by a polishing separator … more
FAUDI Filter / Water separators meet the high requirements of the military specifications as well as those of the mineral oil companies and they are officially tested and approved. The coalescer elements of the 1st stage break the fuel-water emulsion … more
Filter water separator in container for mobile diesel refueling operation suitable for military missions under desert conditions. Hydro-Carbon horizontal filter water separator, series HFWS suitable for 800 l/min. diesel fuel secure fuel quality especially in regions where fuel quality is doubtful. Clean … more
Oil-water separator for tank farm secures effluent in rain run-off. The Hydro-Carbon Filtration & Separation oil-water separator, from the PPS series, is a passive system for the separation of oil and solids from waste water. It is a stationary unit … more
Since issuing of the 5th edition of specification for filter water separators, a category for military applications is part of the EI 1581. Of course we developed earliest filter water separators acc. to EI 1581 5th edition category M as well the corresponding coalescer … more
The Hydro-Carbon, series HCF, Liquid Micro Filters are specifically designed for the removal of solid particles from (aviation) gasoline, jet fuel, diesel fuel, gasoil and other light hydrocarbon products. It serves as a filter for rust particles and muck from … more
This automated Fuel Oil Conditioning System, from the HFWS series, with a capacity of 325 litre/min, is custom engineered to decontaminate and condition all fuel for a back-up power plant equipped with GE Turbines. It is a continuous duty, fully … more
Hydro-Carbon Filtration & Separation offers filter, coalescer and separator cartridges and internals in most common sizes for the industrial (for hydrocarbon liquids and gasses) and aviation refuelling market to condition jet fuels according API/EI 1550 Energy Institute regulation. Most common … more

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Hydro-Carbon Filtration & Separation specializes in:
  • Storage tanks for flammable liquids and hydrocarbons inevitably take in water due to venting and leakages of floating roof tank seals or through en-trained water in the product itself. Over time this -> read more
  • Effects of water contamination Water is one of the most common contaminants in a hydrocarbon fluid system and one of the most damaging. When water contaminates a system, it can cause serious problems -> read more
  • Effects of solids contamination Filtration is the removal of solids from liquids or gasses by flowing the contaminated liquid through a filter media or with the help of centrifugal forces that will r -> read more
  • The Hydro-Carbon series vertical VFWS and horizontal HFWS two stage liquid filter water separators are specially designed for the removal of free and emulsified water from (aviation) gasoline, jet -> read more
  • The Hydro-Carbon series vertical HFC single stage liquid filter water separators are specially designed for the removal of free and emulsified water from hydrocarbons or hydrocarbons from water in som -> read more
  • Filtration is the removal of solids from liquids or gasses by flowing the contaminated liquid or gas through a filter media that will retain the solids and will only let clean product pass through. -> read more