The latest news articles by Hydro-Carbon

Degassers for Gasoline & Diesel custody transfer metering

Four carbon steel degassers type GCS65/3 are exported to Macedonia for the completion of four custody transfer metering systems at a truck loading depot. The degassers with a capacity of 60 m³/hr. each are certified according OIML-R117-1. Vessel desing according ASME … more

Oil Water Separators Kriegers Flak KFA & KFB

Two Oil Water Separator internals are supplied for Ofshore windfarm Kriegers Flak. The units are provided with Deckma oil in water monitoring systems. The KFA and KFB substations will be installed on Vattenfall’s 605MW Kriegers Flak wind farm in the Danish … more

Filter & Coalescer skid based systems for LVGO

Hydro-Carbon Separation Systems supplied two Filter/Coalescer skids for treatment of LVGO (Light Vacuum Gas Oil) to a Refinery in the Russian Federation. The skids comply to all GOST regulations and TRCU certifications required for export of industrial equipment into the … more

Portable solution for water in low-pressure gas pipelines

Road works, building activities, landslides and soil settling may cause leakage or rupture of low-pressure gas pipelines. When this situation occurs, groundwater or potable water (from ruptured water pipelines) can enter the gas supply system. Water accumulating in the gas … more


This all stainless steel skid based system is supplied to a customer having issues with large amounts of water in LVGO (Light vacuum gas oil) which is used for cooling rotating equipment on a refinery. The gasoil is filtered by … more

Produced water oil & solids separator

A Coalescing Plate Separator with a capacity of 50 m³/hr was shipped recently from our workshop for treating produced water at the KUWAIT Gathering Center 16 project. The challenge was to design a separator which should act as efficient oil separator as … more

OIML R 117 -1 approval awarded on Degassers

In-Line removal of air and gas for fiscal metering and custody liquid transfer applications. Simplify MID approval of your metering installations. OIML R 117 -1 approval (International Organization of Legal Metrology*) awarded on our GCS type Degasser series for fiscal metering … more

Crude oil degassing for volumetric metering

Hydro-Carbon Separation Systems recently shipped 6 degassing vessels for a crude oil unloading and custody transfer metering project. Horizontal degasser with gravity separation system, series GST Degassers are devices for the removal of air and gas from process streams. The horizontal … more

Internet datacenter backup power

When it comes to reliability of backup power generation (in UPS) for data centers, diesel generators are essential pieces of equipment. Finding out that the diesel fuel these generators is contaminated at the critical moment when backup power is needed, … more

Fuel unloading system

Hydro-Carbon Filtration & Separation recently shipped a gasoil unloading skid for a power plant in Iraq. The skid based system is designed for unloading four fuel trucks simultaneously. Each unloading bay is equipped with several unloading hoses with couplings. The fuel runs … more