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Pre-filter / Coalescer skid for LVGO with Differential Pressure Transmitters and guided radar interface level transmitter for automatic operation.

Duplex Filter and single Coalescer skid for solids and water removal from LVGO with a maximum Flow rate of 1550 kg/hr.

This all stainless steel skid based system is supplied to a customer having issues with large amounts of water in LVGO (Light vacuum gas oil) which is used for cooling rotating equipment on a refinery. The gasoil is filtered by two parallel operated micron sized prefilters and dewatered by means of one horizontal coalescer. A levelflex guided radar on the water collecting boot is measuring and controlling the water level by opening and closing the water drain valve. Two deltabar differential pressure transmitters provide information on distance of the lifetime of the internals. The whole assembly is electrically traced and insulated with mineral wool.

Design conditions: ASME VIII, Div. 1, PED Category 3, module G with third party inspection by Lloyd’s Register Nederland BV.

About Andy Hein

Andy Hein is one of the founders of Hydro-Carbon BV
Posted October 13, 2014 in News, Projects.

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