Filtration of liquids and gasses

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Effects of solids contamination

Filtration is the removal of solids from liquids or gasses by flowing the contaminated liquid through a filter media or with the help of centrifugal forces that will retain the solids and allow only clean product to pass.

There are several reasons to remove solids from liquids and gasses:

  • Remove impurities such as pipe-scale and sand from process streams.
  • Create better aesthetic appearance of the product such as solids in paint.
  • Process improvement like catalyst removal in refineries.
  • Reduction of abrasive wear and blockage in hydraulic and lubricating systems.
  • Continuous solids removal to protect finished product such as grinding and cutting oils.
  • Removal of particles that could affect health.

The experience of designers and users of hydraulic and lube oil systems has verified the following fact; over 75% of all system failures are a direct result of contamination.

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