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Detail of diesel treatment package

When it comes to reliability of backup power generation (in UPS) for data centers, diesel generators are essential pieces of equipment. Finding out that the diesel fuel these generators is contaminated at the critical moment when backup power is needed, is too late and has costly consequences. Because of regulatory mandates diesel fuel composition changes such that contamination with micro organisms is more likely. This may be creating reliability risks and can raise generator failure rates, especially if these fuels have been in bunker for a long period of time.

Hydro-Carbon Filtration & Separation recently shipped several skid based -diesel treatment packages- for Dublin based Cloud Hosting Data centers  Clean diesel fuel is crucial for Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) emergency backup diesel (critical power) generators. These systems preserve the integrity of the stored fuel that must be optimal in case of a power outage from the grid. Diesel fuel tanks can become contaminated with micro-organisms (bacteria, yeasts, fungi, and algae) during transport and storage in bunker and day tanks mainly caused by tank-ventilation and condensation. Micro-organisms can only survive, grow and multiply in the water phase of any medium. Microbiological contamination can have very serious consequences: the by-products of micro-organic metabolism block filter elements and diesel pipes, additionally they cause abrasion processes on injectors especially in conjunction with free water. The material of the tank walls and pipes can also be severely damaged. Corrosion is further accelerated by water-soluble salts and hydrogen sulphides, a by-product of metabolism.
Water concentration is the crucial factor for micro-organism growth and the diesel oil pest problem can only be addressed by reducing the amount of water in the fuel. This can be achieved by implementing continuous fuel treatment systems.


Diesel treatment packages for internet 

data centersNote: Dublin has become a key cloud computing gateway to Europe and beyond for U.S. companies due to several factors, including the city’s location, connectivity, climate and ready supply of IT workers. Dublin’s temperature is ideal for data center cooling, allowing companies to use fresh air to cool servers instead of using huge, power-hungry chillers to refrigerate cooling water

These systems are supplied to;
Fleury Engineering Services Ltd
7 Kinalea
Co.Cork, Ireland

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