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Measuring free water in hydrocarbons

The AFGUARD® is a measurement system, which supervises the quality of jet fuels. The AFGUARD® is recommended for in-situ measurement of particulate matter in jet fuel like free water. The AFGUARD® is a scattered light sensor and is designed to provide an in-line control solution for a variety of processes.

The aviation industry has used the gravimetric and appearance test methods from its very earliest beginnings. There is no doubt that the use of these methods coupled with very conservative limits and well specified procedures to achieve them, have given the industry the very highest levels of confidence in supplying fuel that is fit-for-purpose. Due to the ever present possibility that these procedures may break down and developments in sensing technology, the industry has evaluating other cleanliness assessment methods. API and EI have also published API/EI 1598 which provides recommendations for the use of electronic sensors than can detect low levels of free water in aviation fuels. Electronic sensors will detect and measure continuously real time, producing objective assessment of cleanliness.

The AFGUARD free water sensor reflects the next generation of aviation fuel monitoring and is an important contribution to aviation safety. Its’ innovative sensor technology meets the advanced demands of today and tomorrow. Proper use will prolong the service life of 2″ monitor elements to 3 years. This translates into less maintenance and less down time for fuelling vehicles, and is a huge cost saver.

The AFGUARD® is the only electronic sensor commercially available to monitor the amount of water in Jet fuel, in the context of the JIG bulletin no. 110 “Use of Electronic Water Sensors”.

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