Oil-in-water monitors

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Hydro-Carbon Filtration & Separation offers oil-in-water monitor systems for continuous measurement of the oil concentration in water in the ppm range.

The measurement method employs light scattering as the base technique, but uses a novel concept whereby multiple wavelength light sources combined with multiple detector angles are used to differentiate between the various contaminants within the water phase. Great attention has been given to ensure the instrument construction is rugged whilst remaining easy to use.

The industrial monitor OMD-7 MKII by use of this novel Light Scattering technique is capable of measuring free oil, solids and turbidity in the following applications:

  • Surface water run-off from power stations, chemical plants, refineries and petroleum tank farms.
  • Boiler Condensate returns.
  • Produced water discharge from production platforms and FPSO’s.
  • Cooling water in a variety of industrial environments.

oil-water-monitors-d6In addition to a range of monitors to conform to the IMO-regulations for shipboard discharge of oily water, Hydro-Carbon Filtration & Separation supplies applications such as: boiler condensate, process water, cooling water and general effluent discharge from power stations, chemical plants, tank farms and offshore platforms.


Industrial applications are such that the supply of a standard monitor is invariably insufficient to cope with process conditions. Therefore we ask for our application questionnaire to be completed. This enables us to tailor a system to your exact requirements and provide something that will prove reliable and as maintenance free as possible. We would be happy to discuss any requirements you might have for our systems and, on receipt of more technical information would provide budget prices and outlines.

Series Range Application
OMD-7MKII 0-200 ppm Industrial /  oil in water – solids in water – turbidity
OMD-32 0-200 ppm Industrial
OMD-24 0-30 ppm Marine 15 ppm bilge alarm OEM acc. MEPC.107(49) / available March 2010
OMD-2008 0-30 ppm Marine 15 ppm bilge alarm acc. MEPC.107(49) / available March 2010

Depending on the actual application the monitors can be combined with additional equipment like recorders, sample conditioning units, sample lift pumps and special coolers to form turn-key monitoring systems on request.

Data sheets of projects realised:

  • Oil in water monitoring system OMD-7 MKII to measure free oils up to 200 PPM , turbidity and solids for a refinery in the UK P416
  • Oil in water monitor system for a temporary Power plant on Cyprus to monitor cooling water back into sea. P412 


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