Flow corrected differential pressure measurement

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DP Guard

DP Guard

The DPGUARD® has been designed to give out corrected differential pressure values for all type of filter used in aviation refueling, bringing more safety aspects into refueling operations worldwide.

The DPGUARD® is a self-learning system, consisting of a fully automated touch screen operated industry computer, integrated in a hard disk IP 65 Box (for wall mounting). It catches electronic signals from differential pressure sensors and related electronic flow signals to mathematically correct and calculate the related differential pressure functionality and give out corrected differential pressure values related to maximal/rated flow. There is no need of pre configuration to special types of elements such as monitors, coalescers, micro filters, clay – canisters etc. DPGAURD fully automated detects the differential pressure behaviour of elements in use to give out the most exact corrected differential pressure curve ever, closest to reality without test at test rig.

The DPGUARD® only needs to be configured to handle incoming signals e.g. from differential pressure sensors across the elements and related flow signals. Additional hereto the user is asked to adjust warning and alarm levels to be informed if corrected differential pressure values are going to exceed predefined levels. These warnings or alarms could be used to address digital output or Relays to automatically initiate relevant actions.

Due to the functionality of in built data logger, the DPGUARD® is able to identify pressure increase or losses in differential pressure across the filter elements (e.g. pressure loss caused by ruptured filter elements) to automatically address digital output or relays to stop the fuelling process instantly without necessary human interference. This function directly addresses the needs defined in AS 6401.

When connected to additional GSM or GPRS devices DPGUARD is able to send messages related to warnings or alarm status as sms or mail to user defined addresses to inform about malfunction.

All incoming signals and related mathematical calculated values are stored on the inbuilt memory together with status (ready, warning, alarm level) to reach the highest level of documentation ever. These values could be easily accessed or transmitted by wire or wireless to be stored or printed when needed.

Beside DPGUARD®´s main function to calculate corrected differential pressure values – the DPGUARD® can also be used to remind about time or throughput related end criteria of filter elements. This could be helpful if lifetime related filter exchange should be done e.g. for monitor filters (1 year lifetime). It also fulfills the ATA 103 requirement of recorded throughput of elements at time of inspection or change out.

For instant overview of the filter behaviour – DPGUARD gives out the corrected differential pressure curve as a graph to get an idea about the behaviour of installed filter elements over whole time of life. When wireless connected, this Graph could direct be used for print-outs.

DPGUARD® has a very wide range of connectivity to be integrated in every known system via current (0 /4 … 20 mA), voltage (0 to 10 V), LAN, WLAN, Ethernet, CAN-BUS or other types of bus systems. Additional hereto DPGUARD could be operated and serviced WLAN if required.

DPGUARD is prepared to take over additional signals from different other sensor devices like AFGUARD free water sensor, particle counters, density meters or conductivity meters to get the whole picture about processes and their behaviour. Every signal or combination of signals could be addressed to give out alarms or warnings if required.

DPGUARD should be installed in safe area location. Ingress protection is IP 65.


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