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Portable solution for water in low-pressure gas pipelines

portable low-pressure gas pipeline water removal unit.

Road works, building activities, landslides and soil settling may cause leakage or rupture of low-pressure gas pipelines. When this situation occurs, groundwater or potable water (from ruptured water pipelines) can enter the gas supply system. Water accumulating in the gas transport system can block the gas flow and has to be removed from the system. While the main gas piping can usually be drained from the point where the water entered the system, the much smaller individual connections in the system are often not self-draining in this situation.

To re-establish the supply of gas (and to prevent loss of service to customers caused by interruptions in the supply of gas to individual users), the connecting piping between the main line and the user has to be drained. Often this requires digging down to each individual connection, draining, reconnecting, filling the hole and repairing the pavement or road.

In a cooperation between one of the leading network operators in The Netherlands, LIANDON B.V. and Hydro-Carbon Separation Systems B.V. a mobile vacuum separation system has been successfully developed, tested and applied.

Solution characteristics:

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